Our Process

Our team sits with you from day one to understand your event, determine the goals, recognize your expectations, and discern the key problems that need to be solved. After all, determining the purpose and goal for each event gives our process the punch that so many AV facilities are lacking. Then we can begin our customized and targeted brainstorming session.

Communication Protocols, working step-by-step in tandem with your key people requires a deep-rooted commitment to your project as well as communication; you have access to our key people using email, file transfer protocol (FTP), and Dropbox. This helps our staff meld with yours, and more importantly, stay on top of key changes your project may need… in real-time. At VCI we have learned over the years that when you are In the middle of an event, communication becomes the key to a successful meeting. From brainstorming to show time, our people are in touch with you every step of the way.

Now that leads us to develop the next part of your event; determining the technology.

Staging is a key factor in presenting the right idea, but delivering it with the best platform and technology is what makes VCI stand out. It is rich and organic to our process, from the right stage, to customized build outs, to the right audio/visual equipment, we make a personal commitment to be there every step of the way with the best professionals who understand and know the equipment.

We are an Industry Influencer. Many of the top original electronics manufacturers (OEMs) of video, audio and special effects equipment actually come to the VCI to get our feedback before they upgrade and build their equipment. Sometimes they create brand new products from our feedback. Many OEMs have been shocked that we have pushed the equipment to do things even the engineers couldn’t have predicted, and have integrated our changes into the latest tutorials and software.

Raise your standards and you raise the results.